Mystical Moonstone Pendant

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Always a Best Seller!   Refined, soft swirls delicately caress a fabulously glowing rainbow moonstone teardrop that is complimented with amethyst and blue topaz. The Garden Pendant has a touch of the mystical and dreamy curves reminiscent of the flowing art nouveau style without being overdone. This attractive piece can be worn either as a feel-good everyday casual favorite, a subtle statement of graceful power in the workplace, a charming conversation piece at a party, or a romantic touch for those special times. 1 1/4"

This Rainbow Moonstone contains an effervescent light that catches the eye and turns heads. We call our Moonstone, “Dancing Spirit Moonstone”

These stones are hand picked choicest pieces of Rainbow Moonstone and then double checked in a compact mirror because the stone must not only glow while facing the light, it has to glow all over when it is worn as a pendant.  We only choose Rainbow Moonstone that shine with an ethereal, silvery, moonlike glow that originates from deep within the stone and radiates out with an opalescent shimmer.

Besides the dancing spirits, the glow comes from the Feldspar mineral. Most Moonstone are found in certain parts of India and Madagascar. Good quality Moonstone is becoming rarer to find because it has been mined for centuries due to it’s natural beauty that forces us to notice it.

You will be mesmerized and not be able to take your eyes off it!

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